Member Feedback

Here are a few comments sent to us by members of Turbo Medic. We would love to get your feedback as well. Feel free to leave your comments below.


I purchased Turbo-Medic earlier in the year; I would look at it from time to time, found interesting stuff but when I finally started taking the exams I was impressed. I truly believe that taking the online tests help me stay calm when I took the national registry.

Good News….I passed the first time. Janet S.
I purchased the Turbo Medic, and that has helped me throughout my medic class. Great product for a good price. Manny
I recently purchased turbo medic and it is one of the best educational tools I have seen in my 20+ years in EMS. Very easy to follow and great tips and ways to learn. Scott
Turbo Medic, excellent product, still finding more benefits after a couple of months. Renny, S.
Thank you for the emails and I have received Turbo Medic and it does ROCK!!! VERY COOL. Like you say even us veterans can learn new stuff. You just keep going! You do very good things!
Looking forward to meeting you one day.
Suzan (having fun in the sun in Afghanistan!)