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Here is truly the only study and training resource you will ever need to pass any exam, master any skill and advance in your EMS career. How does this proven resource work and how you can put it to work for YOU?

Turbo Medic provides the tools you can use to excel in any area of your EMS career and BEYOND! This resource could save you Thousands of Dollars over the years, and more importantly, hundreds of hours of frustrated and totally wasted time. It can also Help you Succeed when you have the right tools needed.

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If you have ever felt like you just didn’t “get it” in class or can’t find an answer to questions you know should be in your classroom textbook but aren’t. Perhaps you ran a call and want to research and critique yourself on your performance of treating that patient’s medical condition. The possible uses of the PC textbooks included inside Turbo Medic are endless. They are a powerful addition to your EMS library and promise to be a go to resource throughout your EMS Career.nremt ems paramedic audio training study help

Turbo Medic has included over 50 Heart and Lung sounds, topic specifc audio resources and has also teamed up with MedicCast Productions to bring you the NREMT Survivor Series. These audios are geared to help you pass the NREMT paramedic practical exam. Listen on your computer, download to your Ipod or burn them to a CD to listen in your car. These proven audios will have you walking into your practical skills stations with complete confidence.paramedic nremt video ems training study resource

Did you know that watching a video along with reading and good study habits can greatly enhance your grasp of material? Think about it, you most likely remember a movie more than a book with the same title. Why should medical knowledge be any different? Turbo Medic includes videos on must have topics like: Anatomy and Physiology, Cardiology, How to videos on IV access, Drug administration, Intubation and more. paramedic exam practice nremt written ems test help

Now more than ever paramedic teaching institutes, state agencies and even the NREMT are creating exams that will challenge the EMS test taker while at the same time ensuring that they know the material being tested on. The problem is that everyone has a different method of studying and comfort levels vary when taking an exam. This is why Turbo Medic offers several practice methods within its EMS exam database.
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Many EMS Providers stress and have difficulty in reading and understanding EKG’s. Turbo Medic brings a complete course that will have you understanding EKG’s in no time. This is the absolute must have resource to know all there is about reading EKG’s… This is probably the ultimate EKG training guide. Discover the Heart like never before. Listen to over 30 heart sounds, view pictures of EKG’s from Normal Sinus to Third Degree Heart Block. Even go back to basics and refresh on areas like P-R Intervals and EKG paper sizing.

New for Turbo Medic. This includes various guidebooks and resources specific to EKG’s and the heart. A online ECG Learning Center resource that you will wonder how you did without and a new Two part ECG video course. All this along with the Five part Interactive Cardiology Modules guarantees that you will have a firm understanding of EKG’s.

As if all this wasn’t enough. Premium members are allowed access to the Member only Facebook group, the live TM Insider sessions and the monthly bonuses.

The monthly bonus is a special “thank you” for being a Premium member. These bonuses are special downloads, physical items shipped to you or deep discounts on various items.

Get access to all this plus the growing selection of other hard to find online EMS resources for even more training and career help. Plus Turbo Medic On Demand is continually growing with more downloads, videos, audios and live training and workshops just for members.